Rectangle: a macOS app that should be installed by default

Rectangle: a macOS app that should be installed by default

Have you ever heard of Rectangle?

I never did until the end of last year, when I bought my new MacBook Pro 13" (not the M1). I have two 27" displays at home and I needed to organize my windows better to maximize the space (I was always full screen for both). Rectangle gave me the solution.

Windows has what Rectangle has by default, but not with the same amount of options. Here are all the options you have with it:


At first, it may seem like a lot of options but, if you keep in mind all the different screen sizes available right now, it makes a lot of sense.

Most commonly used for people are left and right half but, what if you have two screens and one is tilted 90º? 🤔

Easy, top and bottom half 👌

Top corners, if you are working with big screens, can be used to visualize different presentations, images, videos (or whatever you can make small in one corner and still see everything you need). In my case, for example, it has been very useful to study many things that are related one to each other without having to change or close the windows I needed.

Moving on to the next section, the thirds section, I think its made to squeeze ultrawide displays (34" to 49").

I'm not going to explain the next section because I think it's self-explanatory.

If we move to the commands window, we can customize literally all the options. All of them! (you need to click on the arrow located down the left-bottom corner, and they will deploy) For me there's no need to customize them because, once you used them for a while, you get used to it, and you don't need to change them at all (at least I didn't).

The last window is the preferences themselves. Not much in there. Just what you see. If you want to launch it or not when you log in, snapping by dragging (like Windows users), hiding the icon, checking for updates, etc.

As written in the title, from my point of view, Rectangle should be installed by default with macOS. It is a productivity booster, and it's an app that's fairly new (launched 2019).


I hope this little review helps you decide whether to install it in your macOS computer or not 😊

Here's a link that leads straight to their homepage ➡️ Rectangle

Salut, Jordi 👋