printf ("C is over");

printf ("C is over");

First semester is over. Great experience so far. But I want to talk about C, specifically the subject "Introduction to programming". It was the first time for me to program with this language and, to say so, it's difficult to learn at the beginning, but it's fascinating (keeping in mind that next year will be its fiftieth birthday 🎂).

Like a lot of you here, I love programming but, what I didn't like about it is the way they taught me (and all the other students). I know it's online studying but, from my point of view, there are things that could be improved. Likewise, I have to say that the teacher at least posted a few explanations of the exercises. We were all given the resources from the school, and we also had to do our own research on how to program with C.

Keywords and identifiers, data types, variables and constants, operators... All of that was clear until the last exercise. Keeping in mind that it's an introduction, they went pretty straight forward. When typedef struct and tuples came in, things changed. I got lucky, and thanks to a friend I was able to finish most of it, but I'm not happy with the outcome.

What's next?

Well, in two weeks I have the PVP's (a kind of validation tests they do to make sure you learned something 😆) and I will use this time to practice my C skills and get ready for the test (along with graphic design and introduction to databases). After the PVP, the first week of February, I'll have to choose the subjects for the next semester (something I'm really looking forward to).

I'm open to suggestions on places to learn a bit more about it. I haven't checked many yet, but I found this one which looks really cool and everything is very clear.

Salut, Jordi 👋

Cover image thanks to @zakharyak